About Me


I'm Scott Spolverino. I'm that guy that talks about the science of whisk(e)y and wood maturation. I've written for a few magazines in my time (Mutineer Magazine, Whisky Magazine), I've talked at conferences (ADI), and I used to work for Tuthilltown Spirits. I ALSO putter around on the internet engaging in conversation about the alcoholic beverage industry and all the facets associated with it. From marketing, manufacturing, science, mixing it into cocktails, and industry trends, I dip my toe in many pools. I'm a MSc in Brewing and Distilling Science (from Heriot-Watt University in Riccarton, Scotland) and a BSc in Chemical Engineering (from University of Rochester in Rochester, NY). I am currently located in Rhinebeck, NY and am a freelance consultant for the beverage industry and freelance writer. Now that I think about it...I do a lot of freelance.

Seriously, freelance is a weird word though. It's what I imagine would be on a buy one get one free sign at a medieval arms guild. "Buy one, get one freelance!" Strannnge.

I use this website to share my loves in this world: the beverage industry (not necessarily alcoholic; I enjoy tea too!) and tobacco. It started in May of 2009 and has been going pretty strong since then. I'm glad that you've managed to stumble across my site (either literally by StumbleUpon or some other fantastical way, shape, or search). So welcome! If you ever want to drop me a line, hit up the Contact Me page and send me an email. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want more info on what I do, feel free to drop me a line. And enjoy what crazy things I put out there.