The Blogger Nation of Potation (who know infinitely more than I do but that's okay):

It's Alcademics and Camper English. If you haven't heard of Camper English, get off my website. Well, you can stay but just visit the link while I close my eyes, hum "Day-O", and pretend you aren't here yet. Camper English is jet-setting, suave beverage / mixologist writer extraordinare. Think of him as Hunter S. Thompson and James Bond crammed into one body.

Chris runs a gem of a website in DrinkHacker. He reviews as many beverage categories as I do (save tea) and his reviews are informative and useful and generally a lot better and more professional than mine. Check it out.

Rowley's Whiskey Forge: He...kinda wrote a book. On moonshine. There's much more to him but that's all you need to know to understand my rationale.

Doctor Bamboo / Craig not only makes some killer drinks during the TDN (Thursday Drink Night) but he's got a knack for doodling in a most pleasing contrivance. One day I will convince him to draw me a picture of Bacchus holding a cigar and martini in a Belushi-esque toga but until then, faithfully watch him (AND HOUND HIM FOR ME).

Lost In The Beer Aisle reviews a metric shit-ton of beer and takes great photos while he does it. Hop to it, lads and lasses, check this beer titan out.

Mutineer Magazine: Technically, it's the blog of a magazine but it's my link list, damn it! An extremely worthy entry into the beverage magazine category, their blog rivals their magazine.

Cigar Stars:

Half Wheel's Brooks and Charlie put on a hell of a show. I'm not entirely sure how they work the magic they do but it works. Amazing resource of information, reviews, and news far earlier than I can ever get it. Seriously, black magic is involved with them. Not kidding.

The crew at Stogie Review are some of the greatest, funniest, and most knowledgeable cigar guys out there. Highly recommended. Even if everyone DOES ruthlessly make fun of Jerry Cruz.

Tea Typists:

The Half-Dipper: A very nice British man with an unfathomable love of pu-erh. Good reviews, nice photography, and the odd haiku. Oh, and he ends his Blogger comments with "toodlepip".

The Mandarin's Tea: He drinks a lot of pu-erh and smoke Cuban cigars. Often at the same time. I love this guy.

Miscellaneous Shenanigans:

Dave's Cupboard: I love Dave so very much. His website continually fosters my disgusting habit of loving odd cuts of meat, strange canned and pickled good, and homemade food. He's also very nice and puts up with me.