Thursday, June 17, 2010

Indy Spirits Expo: Contest!

The same people (person, actually) that brought you tickets to the Micro Spirits Odyssey at the Manhattan Cocktail classic have struck again. I would be lying through the teeth if I didn't say that Dave (name behind Orange V and Redemption Rye) isn't a great guy. A pleasure to chat with (he knows his stuff), polite, knowledgable, and generous. EXTREMELY GENEROUS.

In his generosity, he has offered two tickets to the Indy Spirits Expo next week for my readers. He' can I put this...kind of a great guy. There are two great things about this opportunity:

A) The tickets. They are free. Everyone loves free.
B) I will be there. I will shake your hand.

That's right. Ever want to meet my portly, drunken ass? Well here's your chance. Here are the specifics:

What: Indy Spirits Expo
When: Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010. Since he has graciously offered up VIP tickets, the time is from 5:00pm until 9:00pm.
Where: Touch NY (240 W. 52nd Street, New York NY)
Why: Gettin' crunk. Tryin' new, microdistilled spirits. Also, Dave Pickerell (former Maker's Mark distiller) will be there with his Whistlepig Rye. That's a reason in and of itself.

How to win these delicious, succulent tickets: In the comments section on this very post, tell me your best drinking story. The one that you'll never forget (or alternatively, the one you forgot and was regaled second hand the next day). I'll post this on my Twitter. If you don't feel like logging in to post and just feel like posting anonymously, leave some sort of email or contact (Twitter page, somethin') so I can get a hold of you. Contest ends Friday at 9am which is before I leave for a special event at Uptown that you'll see coverage of on Saturday. So, yeah. Want to drink with me? Shoot the shit with me? Ridicule my failing liver and overinflated sense of grandeur in a semi-professional setting (with libations)? Then enter to win.


  1. Really wish Ryan and I could attend, but we are some broke mother fuckers. Sounds like a really good time, yeah?

  2. And Dave from Orange V really IS a great guy. He sent along some tickets for us a few months ago to the micro expo. Unfortunately we did not have the brains to do something like this and give them away. I bow to your superior altruism and marketing prowess, friend.

  3. Thanks. Unfortunately, it seems no one wants to go to this sweet ass event. The fools!

  4. well last time I got drunk at some frat quad... I punched some frat kid and ran and I hid in Todd Union until certain someone came looking for me...

  5. You crazy motherfucker. About time you found my website. Now I know your IP too.