Monday, July 19, 2010

Tabacos Baez Serie SF - Monday, July 19th

Last night, for the first time in almost three weeks, it wasn't UNBEARABLY hot. It was still hot (about 85) but the humidity dropped to about 20% and 85 degrees F is a lot better than the mid to low 90s it's been. It was time to have a cigar. As I pawed through the humidor(s), I came across a Tabacos Baez I bought awhile back from Isy at Uptown Cigar.

I feel as if I don't properly respect the Don Pepin Garcia stuff. Everything I've had of his has been, to me, nothing too special. I did like the Blue Label lancero but of the other cigars of his I've had, only the Vegas Cubanas have really struck a chord with me at all. They may just not be my thing but with so many people really loving them...maybe I was just missing something. So this Tabacos Baez sat in the humidor for awhile. I felt it was time to give it some fiery lovin, so to the porch I went.

Pre-light draw was a nice tobacco flavor. Startling not complex but, let's be honest, this cigar has a price tag of $5. See?

That's in New York money. Thanks to our taxes, that's about $.37 everywhere else. I'm not expecting a Dirty Rat for $5.

First quarter: Starts off with a touch of chipotle-like flavor. Definitely spicy, definitely smokey. Little bit of chocolate too. Kinda tastes like that Aztec hot chocolate you can buy but not as strong as that. Woody too, but not overbearingly so. At this point I'd put it at a medium-full~ish.

Half-way. Chocolate and spice bailed. It's really...oaky. Almost like smoking a bourbon but not sweet. Starting to get kinda creamy (both in flavor and smoke viscosity). It's pretty good. Definitely settled back down into a medium smoke.

Third quarter: Pretty consistent with the half-way mark. Still slightly creamy, woody/oaky. Touch of spice comes back. Apparently it left it's wallet. I put it down after this because it started getting bitter. Oh, and it was almost dark out and I was getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.

This finally made me realize why people love Pepin. Aside from the fact that he looks like he'd be the greatest grandpa ever, he makes a damn good cigar. I guess I had to go cheap to figure this out. But I'm Scottish, so I was headed there anyway. I mean, us Scots did invent copper wire. Two of us were fighting over a penny.

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