Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where Do You Draw the "LOTL" Line?

If you caught my recent cigar post, you'll hear my paltry explanation for why I haven't been doing reviews lately. I'll sum them up for you here, just in case you don't feel like exploring:

1. No time
2. Standing up hurts when your body is a shoddily constructed as mine

Really though, my body is like poorly made building. The construction workers take frequent tea/coffee/whiskey breaks, leaving the proverbial cement of my body to set at lopsided angles. The bricklayers are often drunk or have been spun around in the cement mixer, leaving the brickwork bowed and uneven. There are no architects; there's just a monkey with a crayon. What I'm trying to say is that I've switched to shorter smokes. Much shorter smokes. Alright, I indulge in the occasional cigarette. Fine, have at me.

I can take it. I'm a manly man. Made of cast iron and courage.

Don't hurt me! Oh gods above, I'm so frail.

But unlike many cigarette smokers out there, I'm not hellbent on flooding my bloodstream with nicotine regardless of transferal medium. I like to have cigarettes that taste good. As a matter of fact, one could say that I'm picky about my cigarettes. I've never found a pre-rolled cigarette that tastes good (even the Lucky Strikes lack that burley toastiness). So I hand roll my own cigarettes. And even then, I'm not content to rest on my laurels with one type of tobacco. I mix and match like some sort of deranged tobacco mad scientist or misguided chef. A pinch of this, a touch of that, a sifting of that and then how does it taste. I like to experiment. Taste is always important to me.

This brings me to the crux of the post: am I considered a Lover of the Leaf in this aspect? Does my incessant pursuit of an optimal taste deem me a LOTL? Where does LOTL stop and "junkie" start? I'm not talking in terms of tax reasons here (as we all don't want to pay the ludicrous taxes forced on us) but in terms of what makes a tobacco aficionado a tobacco aficionado. Does that necessarily exclude the "luxury" market of cigarettes? Or, hell, even normal cigarettes. I've seen some cigarette forums out there (yes, there are) that battle with as much tenacity over the flavors of Marlboro 27s as cigar smokers argue over the nuances of the latest Tatuaje release. So I invite you to discuss where the line is drawn in the sand. I'm curious to hear your thoughts. Does a Lover of the Leaf (in its most basic terms) exclude those that smoke cigarettes (luxury or otherwise)?


  1. Yes, you are indeed a LOTL.
    I also blend and roll my own cigarettes. It's quality tobacco, unlike the crap that goes into 'big tobacco' cigs. And it's a great quick way to try out different blends for new ideas! Yeah, snobbery is traditional in the world of cigars, but that's kind of silly, all tobacco smokers are now in the same predicament. Looking down your nose at other smokers because of what they prefer to smoke at this point would be the mark of a small mind. Hey, if you like it, that's all that matters. Rock on!

  2. Cigar and cigarette smokers are usually two different groups. But in your situation I think there is a difference. If you take the time to perfect the taste of your cigarette you are probably not just another junkie.

    The only problem is that if you are hanging with a cigar smoker you're going to end up smoking a dozen cigarettes before he is done with his cigar, which will make you a junkie in the end. So, to sum it all up, I would consider you a BOTL.