Monday, April 6, 2015

Give It A Light TAP NY 2015

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Any day that you get to begin the day with a Double IPA from Captain Lawrence brewing is a good...good day. And, luck have it, I get to repeat this day again!

A few weeks ago an email crossed my inbox that made me all giddy inside. TAP NY, and it's Marketing and Communications Manager, Kaitlin O'Connor (Katie), was enticing me with media passes to this year's TAP NY. This means two things to me:

  1. I get to go to TAP NY.
  2. Last year I did not make an utter fool of myself and get myself barred from one of the finest beer festivals NY has to offer. Either that or I did but they are willing to give me a second chance to redeem myself / blow it and drink barrel aged stout all day and mumble incoherently about the lack of cask milds in the US like I'm Ding.
Both of these are pretty meaningful to me. In REALITY (self-deprecating humor aside), it means that someone liked what I wrote. Which feels good, y'know? In a world where a lot of things are going wrong, something that I DID went right. I guess. I'm not gonna look into it too deeply ere I find something contrary to that notion. But, as I am in a world where a lot of things are going wrong, TAP NY presents a bit of a quandary for me. I really can't drink heavily / all day anymore. I thought about this for awhile: would it be ethical for me to accept press passes when I can no longer swig export strength stout anymore? 

After mulling it over for awhile, I realized (much like previous) that there were two things. One is the fact that, across the nation, craft brewing is slowly inching towards accepting low ABV beers With the success of Notch, and what seems like an absolute flood of funky-yet-low-ABV beers that are becoming popular (looking at you gose and Berliner-weisse), I'd be able to find plenty to drink. The other thing I realized is doesn't matter how much I'm able to drink. If I have one beer in hand all day, I'm okay with that. I can still tell a story. And, as I hope you've realized by now, I sure do like telling stories.

So I will be at TAP NY on April 28th, with my photographer, snapping photos and drinking water/Peeksill Simple Sour. If you want to buy tickets, you can still buy them here for both the Saturday and Sunday sessions. DD tickets are available as well so be responsible and buy one for a friend who wants to watch your drunken antics. So if you've got the ability, money, and wherewithal to come, let me know and we can hang out. You can be woven into the narrative tapestry for the after-action report I write up on Monday.

I might even tell you a story.

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