Monday, June 8, 2009

Downtime cont.

I had to break up last weeks post because my attention span just couldn't handle writing that much when recent updates have brought one of my favorite video games to unsurpassed levels of awesome. Seriously, the Sniper/Spy update of Team Fortress 2 is just killing me. Anyway, the last portion I was going to discuss is podcasts. Well, technically, podcast. The only podcast I listen to is WhiskyCast, run by Mark Gillespie. It's an amazing podcast. Each episode is chock full of of information, trivia and intriguing tidbits, interviews, reviews, and the occasional witty and appropriate joke. He's just come up on his 200th episode and every single one of them before that is worth downloading and listening to. I credit much of what I know about scotch and bourbon to him and his wonderful podcast. So, go have a listen, or check it out on iTunes.

In other news, I'm feeling well enough these days to move on from watching insane amounts of movies and sleeping all day to finally doing things. I'm counting down the six to eight weeks required of rest and recuperation until I can finally start sampling the wide world of beverages. This weekend will herald in a cigar event at Uptown Cigar that I will try everything in my power to go to. They've even got the street closed off by the mayor. How bad-ass is that?

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