Saturday, June 6, 2009


My recent brawl with medicine has left me high and literally dry in the wide world of beverages. So, I've been getting my fix through media. 'What medium, oh great purveyor of beverages, have you been investing time in?", you might ask. Well:

Three Sheets: An Epic Adventure with Zane Lamprey - I love the hell out of this show. At first, I was rather mixed, because he kinda comes off as a complete dick in the first episode. Granted, some guy is bogarting the man's beer and he doesn't even know him, but he just gave off this vibe. However, I have grown to love everything about this show. Being Steve McKenna'd, or accidentally Jim-the-Cop'ing, its a wonderful world of booze soaked history, knowledge, and good old fashioned drunken video shoots. I recommend picking up all three seasons, available (hopefully) at your fine video purveyor. The fourth and onward episodes are being picked up by a different network, one that I can't remember, as Mojo went off-air.

Sweet mother of Jesus, so many magazines - Lots of them. This months Gourmet had an interesting article on the use of smoke in drinks, which I wholeheartedly approve of. I love cigars and Islay scotch. However, the main magazines of late (all back issues since I've been busy as hell being sick and completing finals) have been: Whisky Magazine, Malt Advocate, Beer , All About Beer, and Draft. I excluded Mutineer, because its probably one of my favorites and I'd like to talk a bit more in-depth about it. Its fledgling, but its really an interesting blend of the beverage world. Personally, it seems a little wine heavy for my tastes, but it has an amazing mix of all beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. As I enjoy an amazing mix of all beverages, this intrigued me. One of my friends ended up picking up a copy and he said that it seemed like it was having an identity crisis, but I liked the mish-mash of vodkas, absinthes, beer, coffee, etc. And it had an article by the aforementioned Zane it was a required purchase.

Other Blogs - A few of my favorite blogs include Gin and Tacos for their classic Gin Reviews, as well as Cask Strength for their ever updated information on my favorite of beverages, whisk(e)y. As a foodie, I feel obliged to include my new favorite food blogs, the Ridiculous Food Society of New York and The Shameless Carnivore. The first is based in Albany (Guilderland, technically) and a wealth of interesting food recipes, the second is based in NYC and chock full o meat.

Post 2 to come.

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  1. Three Sheets is being picked up by Fine Living. Premiere date TBD.