Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sam Adams Boston Ale - Monday, July 6th

Up for tonight is a Sam Adams Boston Ale, compliments of the summer sampler pack I got at Sam's Club. Notes are as follows:

Pours the color of an old penny, with a two finger creamy white head. Completely translucent. Really, a beautiful looking beer. Very deep rich bronze color.

Smells clean and fresh, with notable floral hops and good, slightly earthy malts. Kind of like a bakery next to a flower shop. Really, very clean, with no cloying or overwhelming notes, but not really a whole lot to stand out.

Taste is crisp, with a little bit more balance towards the hops. Strong malt front that follows the nose, with a nice aftertaste of hops. Not too bitter, but rather pleasant.

Mouthfeel is just right. Not lacking in body, nor watery, but not like used motor oil either.

Easy drinking and it pairs well with the sandwich and chips I nommed on later. Really, I could see this replacing the Lager for me. The lager, personally, is a bit too weak and lacking on the body. This tastes more robust, looks better, smells a touch better, and pairs with that sandwich as if God himself came down and created both for each other. Also, as they say, hunger is the best spice so it may be a bit of the "I haven't had a beer in a month" kinda thing. I'll check it out again and make sure I'm not talking out my now hydrated ass.

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