Saturday, July 18, 2009

Elijah Craig (Informal) - Saturday July 18th

Since it was a nice day, the gods of nicotine and alcohol beckoned me to the deck. A nice cigar, a healthy pour of bourbon, and a magazine rendered me useless for a few hours. The bourbon of choice tonight was a Elijah Craig 12 year. A decent bourbon neat, with a no-frills bourbon taste of vanilla and oak. However, over ice or with a little water it opens up into this super buttery, butterscotch bomb that makes me a happy panda. Really, I was impressed. I had a sip neat and decided that it was too hot and I just didn't feel like slamming down a rocks glass of 80 degree bourbon along with a cigar. Thus, a few ice cubes were added, despite my general insistence on neat beverages. It was quite cracking, I have to admit. Probably the best bourbon I've had over ice, it suited it well. And the Don Lino Africa I had didn't hurt it either. Yum.

In other news, about two weeks until my next surgery, then its no-holds barred, baby!

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