Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Harney and Sons Mangalam Assam Broken Tea - Wed. Sept. 30th

Ok, its a bit lackluster, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry I haven't been posting a lot this week, but Physical Chemistry (also known as Quantum "I hate my life" Chemistry) has really been getting in the way. Tonight I spent most of my night studying for this horrible test and I really feel like I'm not all the way there, nor will I ever be completely there. So, in the truly responsible fashion...I decided to post on here. Yes, folks, I am that dedicated to my degree. Unfortunately, the beverage of choice tonight is not alcoholic (my test tomorrow is at 8am, which is bullshit for a senior). Tonight's beverage of choice is tea!

Not just any tea, folks. Despite my alcoholic demeanor and appearance, I have an unnatural fondness for tea, especially black tea. I buy most of my tea from Harney and Sons, which I visited in a blog post in mid August. I am, right now, quaffing a mug of my favorite tea by them: Mangalam Assam. Their Assams are really stellar. They are also rather expensive. The Mangalam Assam Broken has a generous amount of the honey-sweet golden tips from the flush and give it this really delicious malty, honey, and slightly astringent flavor. Really, really good stuff. It is, however, rather expensive per tin and its the cheaper of the Mangalams, with the most expensive being the Mangalam Assam Full. I prefer the Full but with the rate I consume tea, I can really only afford the Broken. But if I had the cash, I'd be all over that Full on a bottle of scotch older than I am. As I said to my friend, I'm all about the cougars of the scotch world. Aww yeah.

Anyway, here's a close-up of the tea itself. Notice the flecks of golden deliciousness. Like Golden Grahams, but significantly more awesome. These give it that honey flavor that rocks my goddamn socks straight off my feet and into the laundry hamper. Yes, it's that good. Go, readers! Buy it and relish in the company that I love. Also, quaff deeply. The quaffing is my favorite part but I assumed that you knew that by now

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