Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Donate Button

Let's chat.

If you look to the side of the blog, you'll see a donate button. I'm not trying to pimp this at the moment, but rather an explanation of my actions. As I've said in the past, I hate ads. Ads ruin a site. I hate those Google Adwords that somehow determine that an ad featuring male enhancement products/law advice (while I'm looking at drinking websites) is not just appropriate but warranted. Or, even better, are the ads for AA. Nothing plummets my self-esteem and faith in my supposed career like getting told by Google that I should probably be going to AA. Thanks Google.

This site does incur costs. It's minimal, really (about $9 a month) for hosting and a parked domain. I don't mind eating this cost. I love this blog and I love you fine readers that tune in daily. However, there are so many things that I'd love to review for everyone that I just can't afford on my own. I'm sure you'd love to see my take on expensive whiskies, teas, and all sorts of ludicrous goodies. I'd kill to give my take on them. But they cost money. Money I don't have. Mainly thanks to buying school-books but that's another rant for another day and a blog NOT dedicated to quaffing.

I added a donate button. Yeah, I don't like it either. I feel like I'm selling out and I'm sure you feel the same way. I'm happy to keep doing what I do but reviews of the expensive stuff will have to wait until far into the future (after I pay for grad school) unless you guys are willing to chip in for it. I CAN promise you this though. Anything and everything is welcome. You got $.50 lying around and you donate it to me? I'll take it and put it into the beverage fund. This brings up another thing. Anything and everything donated will go directly back into reviews. I don't really give a shit about profit on this site. In the future, maybe this site will serve as a portfolio for me as a writer and that'll get me a sweet job. That's awesome. In the mean time, I'm not looking to earn money on this website. That's not why I'm hosting it. I'm hosting it because I love to try new beverages and cigars. I'm hosting it because I love the communities associated behind them. I'm hosting it because I love to keep up on the news of these markets. I'm NOT hosting it to make money and become super-filthy rich. That's not me.

So, in summary, if you feel so inclined to chip in a bit, go for it. Don't want to? I don't really care. Keep tuning in for exciting reviews (I guess?) and debate-sparking op. ed. pieces. And remember:

I <3 you.

(That's a heart by the way, Mom.)

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