Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ommegang Abbey Ale (Group Review)- Friday, August 14th

So yesterday we had a rousing game of Dungeons and Dragons, in which we beat the hell out of several medium and large zombies, stole from people, killed wantonly...and slept a lot. During the course of playing, I decided to invoke the age old practice of "group review". I had brought a bottle of Ommegang Abbey Ale that I'd had aging in my cellar since Christmas when I got it as a Christmas present (score!). The reviewers are myself, Pat, and Steve (who will be referred to as Woisin). This went fairly well and had hilarious results. I'd just like to thank Pat for giving me a piece of paper to write said notes down on (as per his request). Anyway, the review:


Me: I put the color as a hazelnut brown.
Pat: Caramel/burnt caramel
Woisin: Molasses


Me: I got sweetness and molasses, with a slight hint of alcohol. Dark fruit like plum and raisin.
Pat: "It smells like victory." and "It smells like cornbread cooking."
Woisin came up with some good ones for this. He came up with maple, in which Pat said "I'd buy maple". He also said that the malt sugar was really apparent and it was quite hoppy.


Me: I tasted a tinge of hot alcohol, followed by a confirmation of the malt sweetness and the dark fruit. Also tasted slightly like soy sauce, but I couldn't really be sure.
Pat: "Definitely sweeter side."
Woisin: "Hoppy" and "Maybe smoky?"


Me: It was nice. Slightly thick with medium carbonation.
Pat: "It was a wee bit tingly."
Woisin: "Alcohol" was apparent even in mouthfeel. "Crisp" but a "thicker brew."

All in all, it seemed like it was well received. All parties enjoyed it immensely and, even though we didn't focus on it for the entire night, it was quite enjoyable. Also had a Kona FireRock Pale Ale as well, which was delightfully hoppy and cut through the thick sweetness well. It was a tasty tasty night. Tomorrow I'll throw up a picture and a review of our very delicious "Scotch and Cigar Night" tonight with the much looked forward to....Balvenie DoubleWood!

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