Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Peace Tea Imported Ceylon - Wednesday, Dec. 30th

I've also done reviews of the Green Tea, the Razzleberry, and the Sweet Tea. Since they're linked for your convenience, I'm pretty sure you have to read them now. Besides, the other ones have my interpretations of the can art. 

I love iced tea. I love tea in general but iced tea is an especially fond portion of my beverage consumption. I am, by blood, almost half Scottish so a good deal is also something I'm especially fond of finding. Enter canned iced tea. Arizona puts out about 20,000 kinds of canned iced tea (including the Arnie Palmer, the greatest beverage in the world) in a huge 23 fl. oz. can. All for a whopping buck. $1. One greenback, one smackeroo.

Needless to say, they rank high on my list of Awesome Quaffables.

However, one thing that bothers me about Arizona is they love to use HFCS, or high-fructose corn syrup. It's not that I don't like drinking it because I'm afraid it's bad for me and it'll make me fat (I'm a beverage reviewer and I'm already fat), it's mainly because I don't like the mouth-feel it gives beverages and, honestly, HFCS is generally just too damn sweet. So, while walking through the grocery store I saw a beloved 23 oz., $1 can of tea and I reached for it. But it wasn't Arizona. It was a company called Peace Tea.

As you can see above, the artwork on the can is pretty cool. There's a hand giving a peace sign (obligatory) as well as a guy that looks like Merlin, an Indian chick, a guy in the background that looks like an Oompa Loompa wearing a red chef's hat, a cow, and Clark Kent at 50 off in the far corner. I'm gonna hedge my bets on this is supposed to be the local people of Ceylon. For the record, I want to live there if it means living near Merlin and a neon-blue cow. Anyway, the tea itself is pretty good. The color isn't thin and watery looking, it's thick and rich like a good brewed tea. The smell itself is pretty muted but it smells like a black tea (albeit not a very fine one). But the best part of this beverage is that it's made with real, honest-to-goodness cane sugar. Om nom nom! This tea comes so close to perfection I can almost taste it. Almost. The first sip is glorious: ice cold, perfectly brewed tea with the fresh sweetness of real sugar and just a hint of citrus bite from citric acid. Then the last bit hits. This sickly sweet, chemical-like sweetness.


The last ingredient in this tea is made with my bane of manufactured sweetners: sucralose. You know this by its brand name of Splenda. I hate Splenda solely because the first taste of Splenda dupes you into thinking its sugar, then the aftertaste is like the baby of HFCS and a gallon of methanol. It's this sickly sweet artificial taste that kills it. And this tea doesn't have a lot of it, but just enough to piss me off to levels I've never been to before in my life. If it didn't have the sucralose in it, I would just start funneling this into my body as quick as I could buy cans. But Captain Splenda has to come in and give me a big 'ole "Screw you, buddy" and then leave me with a can of tea that could have been so very perfect.

So, yeah. This is a thinly veiled rant against manufactured sweeteners. I hate them and my degree is probably responsible for creating them. Sweet-N-Low, Splenda, Nutrasweet...they all need to burn. HFCS needs to be dropped into the deepest mineshafts the world has. Plain brown sugar or agave syrup are the best things to sweeten things with, bar none. Oh, and maple syrup. That stuff is great.


  1. We just got every flavor in our liquor store (Azon Liquors), so far it's selling pretty good. Nice review!

  2. My sweet BF returned from the store trumphantly declaring "I found you some tea without high fructose corn syrup!" and produced multiple cans of this stuff. Just like you, the first drink was good...then BAM! WTF? This stuff has SPLENDA in it?? I almost cried :-(

    I can't even drown my sorrows in a can of Arizona since I've actually cut all HFCS out of my diet.

    I really like the bottled Sweet Leaf brand, but you can't find them at most stores and they cost twice as much as the canned brands.

  3. ANM,
    Agreed. The Splenda on this one ruins it, which is a shame as it'd be perfect otherwise. Try the Raspberry one though. The Splenda taste is almost non-existant.

  4. peace tea makes me feel drunk

  5. Maple syrup sucks ass, you are an idiot..

  6. I drink these everyday, if you buy them in bulk and leave them in your fridge and dont shake them you cannot tase the splenda

  7. It tasted "chemically" to me.
    And I also felt deceived, they need to label it clearly as "diet" or something. I threw half of it away.

    To me its not even about the health hazards of the artificial sweeteners, as I'm sure that corn syrup and refined sugar are not good for you either, the artificial stuff just tastes just taste nasty.

  8. I just tried Peace Tea for the first time. Too similar to Arizona ice tea for me. I wouldn't be surprised if Arizona Iced Tea launched it cuz all the bad press Arizona is getting nowadays. I prefer unsweetened or very lightly sweetened tea with plenty of lemon. I think I'll just get a big sun jug and start brewing my own. It's gotta be tons better than gas station crap.

  9. Latest Anonymous: From what I've garnered, it looks like this is a Hansen Natural Corp product. A lot of places are setting their sights on the $.99 tea market. Arizona was the only one for a long time but now Hansen has Peace Tea and Brisk has come out with $.99 cans. As for the Arizona, I haven't heard anything about a bad rap lately. I don't mind their product (I drink the green tea with honey and sweet tea) but it's a rare thing. They're just too damn sweet. If I reach for a tea, it's generally home brewed with agave. Because agave is om nom nom.

  10. I bought a can of this this morning only because the store didn't carry any Arizona Tea. But whatever, I like to try new products.

    DON'T BUY THIS CRAP. It tastes weird.. not even sure how to explain it. Oh yeah, gross.

  11. maybe splenda wouldn't be the end of the world cutting a couple hundred kcals/day would serve you well

  12. Anonymous (newest): Or I could just drink water. Water doesn't taste gross.

  13. i think it is delicious it has nothin bad in it no hfcs and no aspertame if you shake it it tastes doesnt have splenda in it.there is no artificially made sweetener it is all NATURAL like it syason the can

    1. Anonymous: It has sucralose in it, which is the chemical name for Splenda. See here:

      Sucralose ( is made from natural products but is artificially derived by chlorinated sucrose. So technically it is "all natural", in that it uses constituents derived only from natural sources but it is, indeed, artificially sweetened.

  14. Any one know were i can buy IMPORTED CEYLON TEA at now?