Thursday, January 21, 2010

Peace Tea Razzleberry Tea - Wednesday, Feb. 10th

Fun fact: I also reviewed Peace Tea Ceylon, Green Tea, and Sweet Lemon. Go read up on it, holmes!

Another game of Peace Tea Rorschach! This is better than video games, I swear. I wish each can was different, honestly. This can has some pretty awesome things on it. First, we start withhhh:

The chihuahua that stares into my soul. Creepers. It actually reminds me of Scrappy-Doo, everyone's least favorite Hanna-Barbera cartoon right after Penelope Pitstop, the stupidest concept for a cartoon ever. Ever. We move across the can to:

The Oddly Disfigured Asian Girl. After a mysterious chemical explosion in her college's research lab, Oddly Disfigured Asian Girl is on a quest to find the evildoer who sabotaged her work and cost her a face so pretty it makes Christina Hendricks look like shit in a paper bag. A paper bag that is on fire. Next is the ever present celebrity endorsement:

To me, it looks like Nick Nolte and Mickey Rourke ran headlong into a brick wall and then were surgically fused together in order to save both their lives. Either that or a redheaded version of an 80 year old Kurt Russell. Take your pick.

Finally, the obligatory "What the Hell" moment. What is it, you ask? My interpretation is a suspended chile pepper and a panda wearing a Monster Energy bandanna. Awesome.

As for the tea, this is (so far) the best. The sucralose flavor is non-existant, the raspberry flavor is pronounced and quite nice. The sugar means its not overbearingly sweet and it's damn quaffable. I recommend this, on top of the sweet can artwork. Of course, my school has stopped carrying these wonderfully cheap canned delights and has reverted to Honest Teas, which are about 1.50 more. I'll review that soon. Like...tonight.

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  1. Its not a chilli pepper, that guy has no legs and that green thing is handle bars for like a scooter thingy. And thats a dog not a panda.