Thursday, March 4, 2010

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Chat time again!

As you know, I hate ads. I've ranted on this. There is one key thing that ads bring in. Money. Cash. Greenbacks. Dough. Benjamen's. Phat loot. Normally, people put ads on a website to make money. Hence this "SEO" craze that boggles my mind. People make money off of telling people how to make money. It's the best scam ever. It goes as follows:

Step 1: Pay for my services.
Step 2: My services = just do what I do.
Step 3: ...

It's pretty easy. And sad. But that's not what I do. I'm not here to earn money. God knows I'm burning it hosting the website and buying sweet sweet booze and tea to review. There are, however, things that I've toyed around with attending. Here's the list, in chronological order:

Whiskies of the World Expo
: March 27th. They have an amazing range of spirits. Let's play a game called "Spirits Attending That I Want To Pour Onto My Tastebuds". Answer? Dry Fly. Hibiki 12. Yamazaki 12. All of the Ardbeg stuff. Actually, all of the scotch list. Y'know what, let's just make this easy and short. Go here. Read the list. If it's an alcohol, the answer is yes.

WhiskyLive New York: April 7th. The pour list is probably amazing because it's Whisky Magazine. I read it religiously.

Indy Spirits Expo: April 8th. It's in Las Vegas. I'll be honest. I'm not sure of the pours list but, hell, it's all gravy baby.

World Tea Expo: June 11th - 13th. It's divine providence that I should go because Ron White is playing at the Mirage on the 12th. I love Ron White. He drinks and smokes on stage while telling jokes. He's got an even sweeter gig than I do. And I review alcohol and tea. It's the Woodstock of tea festivals. Peace, love, and Assam.

The 78th Annual IPCPR Trade Show
: August 9th-13th. The holy grail of trade shows for me. I've been dreaming of going to this trade show since I started smoking cigars which, frighteningly enough, was 4 years ago. Scary. It is a trade show with every single big name cigar maker and a metric shit-ton of small time cigar manufacturers. The year's new products and lines are introduced and samples are given out. The only problem is it's trade only. Sad...

There are a variety of other things I'd enjoy going to as well: Tales of the Cocktail is one that I'd enjoy going to as well.

In order to finance this harebrained scheme of booze-fueled jetsetting (read: paying for the bill at duty free stores), I am going to be opening up "sponsored posts". Sponsored posts are exactly what they sound like. Since I hate ads everywhere and, more often than not, they're grossly inappropriate, I'm gonna go with sponsored posts. If you want to sponsor a post, just contact me. It'd be simple, really. If it's an event, you can sponsor a post by helping me get there. If it's an item, you can either donate money or send me whatever it is you want sponsored. Simple as that. If you're interested, contact me at drinkreviews at and I will answer ASAP.

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