Monday, March 15, 2010

Stag Beer - Saturday, Mar. 20th

On the tail end of yesterday's post, I bring you a drinking beer. I can't exactly remember how I ran into the Stag brand, brewed by contract through the Pabst Brewing Company but I was enthralled by it. It is a no frills brand that has been around forever. Some of the footage in my Blues class from the early twenties and thirties have Stag beer signs in them. The distribution for Stag beer is very, very limited. Online accounts place it pretty much in only Illinois and Missouri (specifically St. Louis). This is a shame because it's actually not that bad for a mass market beer. Here are the specifics:

Picture of Stag BeerSmells sweet and corny. Some malt, and definitely stuff other than malt. Slight bit o funk.

Taste is pretty generic adjunct beer. It's smooth with no hops whatsoever. Very bready and yeasty. It's pretty much like what I'd imagine liquid Wonderbread would taste like. Touch of honey too.

Actually, it's not bad. Not great but not bad. It's not a craft beer. I'd definitely take Labatts over it and maybe Bud but I wouldn't say no if it was cheap. Tastes like a pizza beer. A cold 12 pack of these and a lazy day fishing seems right. Maybe get a 12 pack, tie it to a raft and float down the river.

The Pabst Brewing Company "Interactive Marketing Associate" (which I assume is a fancy phrase for "putting up with my drunken, belligerent ass") Debbie helped me get a case of this after much failure on UPS' part. They had to have lost two cases of this stuff somewhere in the mail. I felt bad for Debbie who had to put up with me the entire time just to shut me up with a case of beer. Sorry Debbie for all the trouble but I'd like to think it was worth it. She told me that the price point for a twelver is roughly $7.49 -$7.99. I've seen testimonies online stating that they got a twelver for about $6.99 or cheaper. For anywhere from $.66 to $.50 for a beer, this is a stellar deal. If it's around, this is an excellent cheap beer. Lots better than Mickeys.

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