Thursday, May 21, 2009

Keegan Ales' Hurricane Kitty - Thursday, May 21st

Went back to Keegan Ales tonight and found out it was $2 Mason Jar Thursday. Had to try their Hurricane Kitty. Here's the review:

Pours the color of a dirty penny; a dark copper that looks brown when not in the light. Has about a finger's worth of head that fizzles out quickly. No lacing as it was in a Mason jar.

Smells like an IPA should. Very, very floral. Heavy grapefruit and orange, with whiffs of pine. Didn't smell pungent or bitter at all.

Taste is a normal IPA. Bitter and floral, but not as crisp and sharp as I was hoping. It was more a muted, softer hop profile than I was hoping. As floral as the nose, but heavier pine with a very nice astringency. Little watery, however, with low carbonation. Not a bad beer. Could be refreshing but I let mine warm up before finishing it and it kinda got to me in the end. If it had been cooler, it would have been quite a bit more crisp. However, it was still drinkable and I'd get it again. It's probably better in a pint glass anyway.

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