Friday, October 9, 2009

For Goodness Sake (SakeOne Diamond and Moonstone Asian Pear) - Part Two

Up next on the list is the Diamond Jjunmai Ginjo Sake from SakeOne. This, I think, is my favorite of the pack. Crystal clear and lightly sweet, it has a wonderful rice-like quality that's not overwhelming like the Pearl, but rather sweet and clean tasting. The ABV is lower (14.8%) and it cuts through the sweetness beautifully. Really, this is some stellar stuff. I'm drinking it very cold but I think it would be excellent hot as well. It is amazingly smooth and not harsh at all and just wonderfully delicate. I could totally get used to drinking this and eating sushi with this stuff would be a pleasure. I think its only one or two dollars more per bottle than the other stuff so awesome for that. While I've never had sake before I can tell this stuff is some quality brew. Honestly, I'm pretty enamored by this stuff and the likelihood that I power through the rest of this bottle tonight is about 700%. It's like the "alcoholic rice pudding" but more subtle and less sweet and just all around fucking delicious. If you can find it, buy the hell out of it.

Lastly is the Moonstone Asian Pear Sake, which is the Ginjo with "Asian pear essence". Pours a crystal clear but honestly, the taste isn't any different than the others. That delicious rice quality is present and the ABV is even lower than the Diamond but it has a faint wisp of fruit. I'm not sure how strong the fruit is supposed to be but I have a really have a tough time find it. It does not help that I don't know what an "Asian pear" is so I'll just chalk this up to user error. It is quite nice but I think I like the Diamond the best out of this batch. It also has like this vanilla-like flavor too. Still like the Diamond the best though. It is liquid form of awesome.

Anyway, this weekend will be big changes for the In With Bacchus world. I'm more than likely will be purchasing and moving to private hosting. There's a lot of things I'd like to do with this website and blogspot just isn't cutting it. I will promise you a few things. I will be getting some free samples from various people (SakeOne has kindly sent about $45 in sake to me which blows my damn mind and some other place wanted me to try crap too). I promise you, readers, that I will remain as objectionable and unbiased as I physically and mentally can. Also, I swear that the new website won't have ads. I hate ads. Really, they piss me off and I'm sure they piss you guys off too. So, rather than shill out with ads, I will only post anything that I deem worth into a Links section for you to peruse. So...yeah. As said in the past, high-fives around the group.

Edit: Jesus, that first picture is a travesty. I can't get the macro button on my camera to work. I'll see if I can't get a better picture.

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