Monday, October 12, 2009

Harney and Sons Genmaicha - Monday, October 12th

Oh boy. Rochester has now slipped from "slightly cold" to "fuck you cold". Today averaged in at below 50. Sweet hooba jooba, how time has flown by. Tonight I'm bracing myself against the perpetual onslaught with one of my favorite green teas: genmaicha. Do I know what it means? Nope. What I do know is that it is a Japanese green (Sencha, I think) with a little sumpin' sumpin' added to it. That little sumpin' sumpin' is toasted rice kernels. Refer to pic:

How awesome is that shit? It's like drinking the best parts of movie theatre popcorn and green tea, all in one cup. But without that disgusting fake butter crap, the yelling kids in a R rated movie, and peace and quiet. You may be able to tell I don't go to movies often. Seriously, who brings 9 year olds into movies like Sweeney Todd? Ridiculous.

Regardless, the tea itself is a delicious commodity in my dorm room. The pleasant herbal, grassy astringency of a good green tea combined with nutty, sesame-like flavors from the toasted rice make it an excellent cuppa. I highly recommend the Harney and Son's blend (its really all the tea I find worthy) so you should probably order a tin ASAP.

In other news, a few things up on the billet. I should be getting the samples from SakeOne relatively soon, as well as some of the St. Martin beer. Finally, I discovered PocketShot and they're going to be sending me a sample as well. Hopefully they send a few because I want to stress-test those things. I'd link everything, but I won't until I try their products. SakeOne gets a link because they're damn tasty, even when I'm paying cold, hard cash. So take that. Also, sorry about this weekend and the promise of a website. I was supremely lazy. Next weekend I purchased campus-sponsored tickets to a wine tasting so I'll have pics of that thrown on here once I sober up. And, finally, I just washed out the "angry hand grenade of failure" and it smelled like someone lit a skunk on fire with a flaming turd. My room now also smells like a frat-house on a Sunday morning. Blech.

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