Saturday, October 3, 2009

Mickey's Malt Liquor- Friday, October 2nd (Part 2)

Ok, I lied a teeeeny bit. Next up is....Mickey's "Fine" Malt Liquor. I only really got this thing for two reasons. One, it's a malt liquor and I've really got a thing going for trying this cheap crap. Second, I got it because of an off-hand quote I came up with that fit it so well it made me and my friend (who first got me onto the malt liquor track) to put it in the cart. I believe I said that it looked like "an angry hand grenade of failure". Below is proof:

Look at it. It's a pineapple grenade of hobo rage and piss-poor quality alcohol. I want to lob it into a crowd of bums and watch them explode. Not due to being packed with trinitrogentoluene but with pure, unfettered drunken jealousy and greed. It's....beautiful.

As for taste, less than beautiful. A little interesting in the fact that it tastes like apples, honey, and cheap fucking corn-based brew. But it goes damn well with some cold meatball and ricotta pizza I've got, so its all good at this point. Also smells like a road freshly paved with tar and three-day old skunk smell but once you gag past the smell it tastes alright. I think I'll buy them solely to pretend that its WWII and I'm in the trenches. The very drunk trenches. So its Germany.

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