Monday, October 5, 2009

Harpoon Octoberfest - Monday October 5th

Next up is a Harpoon Octoberfest beer. Don't let the name fool you (like it fooled me), its actually an American Amber ale. Here be the notes, matey:

Pours a deep amber with a one finger head that lasts for pretty much ever. Translucent and colored like a good maple syrup. Little lacing.

Smells of milk chocolate, toasted malt, slight alcoholic nose, which is odd. Very little hop influence. Might be a hint of hoppy spice.

Taste is doughy and slightly stout-like. Very prominent roasted/toasted malt flavors which is odd for an octoberfest but not wholly unwelcome. Solid hop bite at the end that balances well with the overall push towards supreme maltiness.

Mouthfeel is medium carbonation that's sliiiightly watery.

Good beer, bad labeling. I wish it was called an "October Beer" or "Fall Beer" not "Octoberfest Beer". The name is misleading. It was significantly more hoppy than I was expecting and the malts were more subdued by the hops as well as roasted to a higher point, making it disconcerting. I was expecting wonderful malty-goodness and got a slightly hoppier, more robust beer. It's good but it makes me sad that it wasn't what I wanted it to be from the name. Ah well, y'know what they say about books and covers.

In other news, I'm contemplating picking up an actual website for this. There's so much that I want to cram onto this wee little page and I'm slowly realizing that there is not going to be any way in hell that I'll be able to put it all on here. Unless I want it to look like ass. Not sure if I want to immediately transition but if anyone has any good suggestions for hosting, let me know. I'm thinking of picking up the name but hey, whatever.

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