Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Blackthorn Cider - Tuesday, Jan. 5th

As if my life didn't have enough apples, I found a cider I haven't tried yet. Goodie goodie gum-drops. It's a wonder why I ever have to go to the doctors ever when I have so many apple products in my diet. Except for a liver transplant. Anyway, this cider's pretty meh. Nose is heavy with sweet, sweet apples, yeastiness, and bread. Nothing unusual for a cider. The taste...the taste is refreshing but not really cidery. It's a dry cider and it seems pretty thin for a fermented cider. Also has a slightly bitter and very, very short finish. The addition of "carbonated water" probably accounts for this. It's drinkable and pretty thirst quenching but it's pretty thin and not very evolved. Good news is that it clocks in at 6%. It is also the tipple of choice for my friend Ryan, which is odd because it doesn't have a particularly fancy label or enjoyable name. He loves this stuff, mainly because he can get it in a wine bottle size for $4.99. The can above was about $1.99, which makes me wonder if its the same cider. You can generally tell when he's having a bad week by the inclusion of a bottle of this cider in his cart.

I'll give you a hint: it's usually in there. We're chemical engineers, we don't have good weeks.

Edit: I checked, it is the same as what he gets. The Wikipedia page says that it isn't made from fresh-pressed apples but rather apple concentrate, sugar, and controlled industrial yeast. Oh yummy.

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