Monday, January 11, 2010

Padron Londres - Monday, Jan. 11th

Dear readers, I will be honest with you. I've always had a tough time with Padrons. I've never really liked their normal lines. the 1000-3000s, the Londres, all of it. It never really jived with me. When I first started they were too "strong" for me; the flavors were too robust and outstanding for my poor palette to handle. As I grew, I kept trying them but they still never worked. They were still too "strong", too much too soon. Thus, I've really shied away from the Padron line. I have one of the 1926s, gifted to me by a buddy on a cigar board but I've always been hesitant to smoke it. It's a rare smoke and an expensive one. Would I be ready for it? Could I ever be? So it's been in my humidor for two years. As some of you may know, Cigar Aficionado recently released its top ten for the year, with the Padron Family Reserve No. 45 being numero uno. Many in the cigar world agreed that it was an excellent cigar to be number one. I realized, once again, that maybe it was time to give Padron another shot. So, while I was at Uptown today, I put down a Joya De Nicaragua Antanos and picked up a Padron Londres. And, for the first time, I was blown away.

The cigar was priced at $4.25 WITH a 47% NY state tax. I was impressed by the price but I wasn't so sure about the taste. But, in pursuit of fair reviewer-ship (is that a word?) I went for it. The pre-light was spicy and lively, like a good pepper sauce. Clipping it with the Palio kept it in good shape even for its low price point. Construction = good. Pre-light = intriguing. I lit it up and it really opened up to me. It was pretty fantastic and even better because of the price. The first quarter was a fiery, spicy intro with notes of leather. As it burned down the spice's intensity calmed leaving a pleasant tingle along with a comfortable leather taste. Chocolate came in and out, weaving it's way through the smoke. It was a full bodied cigar and quite robust but it fit the bill. It finished with a slightly sweet but spicy taste, almost like a cayenne sprinkled glazed pecan.

It was good. And cheap. Hubba-hubba.

I am surprised by this cigar. Aside from the wrapper not wanting to burn (it required touch-ups but it was $5, so I expected that) it was a tasty little pepper-bomb. I really enjoyed it and would get it again. I think now I'll have to range through the rest of the Padron line. Maybe it's time to bust out that 1926...

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