Monday, January 11, 2010

Medea Vodka - Monday, Feb. 8th

I like alcohol. This should be apparent. I also like geeky gadgets. It's in my blood. Combine the two and you have a product that could cripple me to levels I've never thought possible. So, when I ran into Medea Vodka while surfing around the interwebs...a little bit of me was afraid of it. Let me explain.

This is a bottle of Medea Vodka. It looks pretty nondescript at first glance. A crystal clear bottle with a blue capped cork and what looks like gold circuitry. I am intrigued. If you look closely the center of the bottle is recessed and has a small electric board put into it, held on by a rubber cap. Ruh roh...When you turn it on, it does this:


The LED board is programmable thanks to the buttons on the side of the board. Thanks to the very nice people at the Medea Vodka company who sent me the bottle, it had a personalized message already put into it (the word I took a picture of is the beginning of my name, Scott). Needless to say, this bottle entertains the HELL out of me. On many, many levels. But the more important question you may be asking is 'how's the vodka?'. Well...

The nose shows off the grain well. It has faint hints of wheat, I think. Maybe barley. EDIT: Checked, it's wheat. It has the traditional ethanol-y smell along with a faint crisp sweetness and what I can only describe as an oily-ness.

The taste is pretty good. Sweet and smooth, with no harshness to it at all. A lot of vodka is the equivalent of fire in a bottle but this sips smooth and clean. Mouth-feel is slightly thicker and richer that normal vodkas. It's definitely not filtered and probably minimally distilled. With a richness like this, maybe twice. EDIT: just checked, it's single distilled. SECOND EDIT: Actually a few times.

This is a nice vodka. When I do drink vodka I prefer it unfiltered and minimally distilled as it really brings out an oily richness and some great flavor in the vodka. This stuff ain't bad. It's one of the few that I could see sipping on the rocks. I will say that I've had more flavorful vodkas but overall it's a significantly more viable option over any of the big-name spirits. I saw it in a local store for $40 and I do think that is quite steep even with the novelty of an LED label. If it was $30ish I'd be more inclined to consider it but this may not be Medea's fault.

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  1. you just got Gizmodoed i'd say