Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yellow and Blue Sachet (Harney and Sons) - Thursday Jan. 14th

Since Mr. John Harney was kind enough to give me a few odds and ends here and there during my tour, I feel it's only appropriate that I review them, considering one of them I talked about at length. I got a few sachets fresh off the line. When I went they were busy making the Yellow and Blue herbal tea sachets. A delightful blend of lavender, chamomile, and corn flowers it has an intoxicating aroma that scented and permeated the bag I kept it in, making my luggage smell absolutely fantastic. Seeing as it is almost time for bed (2am), I figured a nice herbal tea before I run a snoozathon would be both tasty and non-jittery. So, shall we?

The color is a muted yellow. It seems innocuous enough until you get to the aroma. It bursts with sweet, fragrant lavender. It is like walking through a field of lavender only to plop down in the very center and roll around like an idiot. The chamomile scent is non-existent. It all comes together in the taste though. The taste...the taste is the cat's pajamas. It has exuberant amounts of lavender but the chamomile shines through as well in an intricate dance. The corn flowers, I think, add a certain spice aroma and aftertaste to it. It is a fantastic herbal and quite unexpected. I am not a lover of herbals, per se, but this is only because the quality of herbal teas I've had is pretty much limited to...well...Celestial Seasonings. I'm not saying they're bad...but they're not exactly premium. I usually drink herbals before bed or when I'm sick but this makes me want to investigate some more premium herbal blends. If anybody's got any, put 'em in the comments and I'll check them out.

Edit: Holy shit, this tea is making me sleepy as all hell. I feel like hibernating like a damn bear.
Second edit: I wrote this last night and then proceeded to pass out before submitting it. This tea is potent.

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