Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Very Falto Day - Reserva Seleccionada Perla / Reserva Especial Tres Luises

Wheew, that title is a mouthfull of a title. Stopped at Uptown Cigar today to drop off a few Falto cigars to Isy, a man far more versed in cigars than I. Smokes like a chimney, that one. Got excellent taste too. I figured I'd pass them along to see his thoughts on them. While there, I couldn't resist lighting up one. Or...well...a few.

First is the Falto Reserva Seleccionada Perla, a petit corona with a Dominican / Nicaraguan filler, Dominican binder, and a Brazilian wrapper. Sorry, no pics because I'm terrible at remembering to bring my camera to the cigar store. Besides, I don't want to look that dorky there. It's the last nice place I can go to. The cigar is a short little bastard and, honestly, the perfect size for me. I don't like the huge cigars as they take too long to smoke and the only thing that's good for in Rochester is 100% authentic frostbite. Lighting 'er up gave sweet notes of delicious tobacco and a very nutty profile. As the cigar progressed it developed notes of cedar and chocolate and a slight creaminess. To me it was a medium-ish cigar that was smooth and easy on the palette. Pretty good smoke and the size is just right. I'm honestly curious what the price point of some of these cigars is. I could see myself smoking this regularly. It wasn't as evolved as the Reserva Especial perfecto but it was quite nice. Nice profile and it just seemed, well, right. It seemed like it fit me really well. Even at this point, after smoking for about 5 years, I'm still buying singles because I've found so few things that I'd enjoy in box form. This would be one of them. It wasn't an overpowering, knock-you-down smoke but it wasn't wimpy either. It was smooth and refined with a nice profile. I think I liked this one the best.

Second is the Falto Reserva Especial Tres Luises in the Ballibo size. As I mentioned before the Tres Luises is so named after the tradition of naming children "Luis" in the Falto family. The size in this instance is actually the name of the grandfather on his father's side. It is a lancero / panetela size. Pre-light draw was clean tobacco and slight cinnamon spice. Cigar started heavy, heavy leather in the beginning that settled down to a leather and cinnamon flavor. Notes of hazelnut flitted in and out as it burned down but it was primarily leather, like an old reliable leather bag. The best way to describe this cigar, for me, was comfortable. I dunno, it seems like his cigars just click with me. I preferred the Perla more (yeah, I know they're different smokes) but it was still a very solid smoke. I would put it as a straight medium cigar, almost medium-full. It didn't have any wimpy, waning points but kept on with the leathery sweetness and slight nuts. It was smooth but weighty on the mouth as well.

Ok, bottom line that I'm seeing: Luis makes some fine smokes. He obviously knows what he's doing and he's dedicated. I will try to find out the prices of these cigars. If they're affordable, they'd be stellar cigars. However, so far, only the Perla would warrant a "premium price" for me, or $8ish with NYS tax and that's a touch high considering it is a petit corona. I'd like to see it be $6ish with NYS tax but often what I want is not what I get. Like that song.

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