Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Left Hand Milk Stout - Tuesday Jan. 6th

Beer from a growler is a marvel. While it's not quite as good as fresh from the tap, it is better than from the bottle. The best part about a growler, though, is the fact that you have to finish it quick once it has been opened. Like the Pringles slogan once you pop, don't stop. The beer won't be good for more than a day or two after opening so you gotta drink fast and furiously. Which, coincidentally, is how I like to drink.

After going to my doctor's appointment in Tarrytown and eating 10 White Castle sliders, two orders of fries, an order of rings and a Sprite, I couldn't resist stopping by Half-Time Beverage and picking up some sweet, sweet supplies:

From left to right we have: Stone 08-08-08 Vertical, Stone 07-07-07 Vertical, AleSmith Speedway Stout, Lagunitas Reuben and the Jets (a Frank Zappa beer) and a Stone Levitation. As if this wasn't enough cash to drop, I also got a growler of Left Hand Milk Stout. I'm a big fan of milk stouts, brewed with lactose, and the other stout on tap was the Brooklyn Chocolate Stout which, frankly, was a bit too ABV heavy and intense for me. Although, in retrospect, two growlers would have been a good idea as a half-gallon of either stout was only $13. Whoops. Here's a tall pint of the Left Hand Milk Stout:

As you can see, it pours a deep, velvety black with about a finger of light brown head. Heavy lacing down the glass. Very opaque and intensely dark, like a big glass of India ink.

Smells of deep roasted malts, coffee, bittersweet chocolate, and condensed milk. Slight molasses bread as well.

Mmmm, taste is delicious. Thick and rich, viscous. Sweet, with strong coffee, burnt butter, brown sugar. A touch of creaminess too. Slight bittering hops on the finish keeps the sweetness from being overwhelming. Mmm, the body and mouthfeel is perfect. Just right on the carbonation too; it's only mildly carbonated is the best way to put it.

This is a good beer. No, scratch that, this is a great beer. I'm glad I got a growler of it. I honestly may like this a touch better than Mother's Milk from Keegan Ales but I haven't had a pint of that in awhile. I think we're going again on Friday night so I'll let you know how they compare. Y'know, for science.


  1. Agreed. Left Hand Milk Stout is frickin awesome. It's 7:30am and I'm thirsty for some now!


  2. Thanks for mentioning us. You can order all the Stone you want from our website.

    we'll get you the beer you want wherever you are.

    -the Half Time Guys.